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C-630 Industrial/Commercial Distiller. CONTACT US FOR A QUOTE!


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The Pure Water C-630 utilizes state-of-the-art distillation technology and the
latest in design concepts coupled with multiple energy reuse resulting in a truly remarkable system. Today, more than ever, high purity water is demanded around the world.

Multi-Stage Commercial Distiller

Breakthrough product design

Patents pending

600+ gallons per day of fresh, high purity, distilled water

Easy Installation

The Pure Water C-630 is designed to be wheeled through a standard door for ease of movement prior to installation.  

The C-630 is designed for operation in developed and developing countries and often in remote areas, so ease of operation has held a high place in design requirements.


Benefits of the Pure Water C-630

  • User friendly
  • Highly reliable!
  • Extremely simple design
  • Low maintenance
  • High energy efficiency
  • Space saving design allows unit to be pushed flat against wall
  • Only requires access from two sides
  • Color coded fittings and tubing
  • Easy Operation 
  • Very few moving parts (relays, valves and one pump)
  • Designed for minimal maintenance
  • Easy access to all key components
  • No high speed motors, belts, or compressors that can create serious safety hazards
  • No critical adjustments to worry about
  • One year warranty