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Welcome to the Pure Irish Water Brand Systems web site.

We distribute Domestic, Commercial and Industrial water distillers/purifiers to the Irish, British and European markets.

Please browse through the world-renowned Pure Water range of distillation/purification systems.

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You will find information about drinking water facts and products on the relevant pages of the web site.

We are here to assist you find the right water distillation/purification system that suits your needs.

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Pure Irish Water Brand Systems Distillers offer families the ultimate protection from toxins.

Are you concerned about the more than 85,000 chemicals in use in our society? Every day we spray, dump, burn and flush more of these toxins into our environment. We’ve poisoned our planet with highly toxic pesticides, herbicides, industrial solvents, cleaning chemicals, gasoline, concentrated heavy metals and even radioactive elements. Now this poison is coming back to bite us!

There are numerous examples, for some unknown reason, there are higher than normal levels of cancer in an area and only later do scientists link these cancer clusters to elevated toxins in the drinking water.

There are an increasing number of toxins showing up in water supplies around the country. Most of these chemicals are not regulated, so even when the government says that your water is safe, your water could still contain harmful contaminants. In fact, there are many places that have chemicals in their water supplies in excess of established health guidelines, yet the government still calls this water “safe”.

The fact is it is YOUR responsibility to ensure the safety of your family.

If you are looking to protect your family from whatever toxins may be in your water, Pure Irish Water Brand Systems Distillers/Purifiers are your absolute best option.

So, why should you trust Pure Irish Water Brand Systems? We’ll give you three powerful reasons…

FIRST: The manufacturers, Pure and Secure LLC, USA, are the leading producer of premium water distillers.

The products are designed and built in the USA by master craftsmen. The result is the best water treatment systems in the world.

Pure Irish Water Brand Systems are the Distributor for Pure and Secure in Ireland, United Kingdom and Mainland Europe.

SECOND: Distillation is the single most effective process for purifying water. It doesn’t rely upon a filter and a well-designed water distiller/purifier will produce consistent Pure Clean Water for the life of the machine, well over 30 years.

Pure and Secure LLC have an excellent history of proven results of over 50 years.

THIRD: Customers of Pure Irish Water Brand Systems are also customers of Pure and Secure LLC. This is because Pure Irish Water Brand Systems stock only the Pure Water Brand of water distillers/purifiers and all parts and accessories are genuine Pure and Secure LLC products.

Customers can also contact Pure and Secure LLC for advice and support.

What is the distillation process?

Distillation duplicates nature’s hydrologic cycle of evaporation, condensation and precipitation. The hydrologic cycle is where virtually all fresh clean water on the planet comes from.

The process is simply this; The Sun provides heat to the very contaminated water in the ocean, which causes the liquid water to turn into vapor. As soon as the water turns from liquid to vapor it lets go of the contaminants that it was holding onto. The water vapor then rises and condenses into clouds. The clouds then cool down and the water precipitates and snow/rain falls.

This water started out extremely contaminated and finishes as very pure water. The process of distillation duplicates this process by taking tap water and adding heat to it. The liquid water changes into water vapor and leaves any junk behind in the boiling chamber. The pure water vapor then rises and is moved into a separate chamber and then it’s cooled back down into liquid water.

Unlike filters, distillation produces consistent purity because this process of evaporation, condensation and precipitation is a physical quality of water that never changes. It’s happened for millions of years and will happen for millions more.

Fresh, distilled water is the most natural form of water and is recommended by top doctors and nutritionists around the world.

“I use a steam distiller to purify my water, because I believe distilled is the cleanest you can get.”

The Healthy Kitchen by Andrew Weil, M.D.

What matters more than results?

Anyone can claim anything, but words mean little. All products including parts are covered by the manufacturers warranty. 

Many of the earliest water distillers, some of which are over 40 years old, are still running strong. These Pure Water Distillers could very likely last another 40 years!

But it’s not just about how long they last. It’s also how effective they are. Our premium water distillers have shown to produce excellent water purity for the life of the machine. Those machines that are 40 years old are producing the same, high-purity water that they produced the first day that they were turned on. Therefore there are hundreds of thousands of customers all around the world who use our products! Including doctors, dentists, scientists, universities, multinational corporations and governments. Over 100 US Embassies have relied upon these premium water distillers to protect their employees from harsh water conditions and potential terror threats to the water supply.


While most companies have outsourced their production to China or India, it was decided to keep the manufacturing in the USA. Every single machine is carefully inspected and operated before they are sent out, so the manufacturers and us know that you are going to get a high quality machine.

So, in a market that is flooded with cheap filters and reverse osmosis systems and even low-end water distillers, more power to our competitors, the Distillers are not going to be a mass-market product. Most people will think that a plastic pitcher filter is fine. People should carry out research before buying any type of purification system.

We feel confident that for anyone who does care enough to do the research, their research will lead them to us, which is probably why you are reading this right now.

Yes, Pure Irish Water Brand Systems Distillers are more expensive than our competitors. But the value of our products is much, MUCH more… they are an investment in your family’s health and last a lot longer!

Thank you for reading and we invite you to read more about our products on the website.